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Tractor Trailer vs. Car in an Accident - Often a Bad Result

Tractor Trailer vs. Car in an Accident – Often a Bad Result

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

Trucks and tractor trailers are big, heavy vehicles. Cars are typically smaller, lighter vehicles. When they collide, it is most often bad news for the car, the driver and the passengers inside the car. Trucks are everywhere on America’s roads, from 18-wheelers traveling cross country and tractor-trailers headed to the other side of the… Read More »

Trucking Accident Lawyers - Cobb Boyd White & Cobb

The Dangerous Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Commercial Truck Drivers

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

Recent studies have indicated that drowsy driving may be as dangerous as drunk driving, and has likely contributed to thousands of crashes each year. In fact, according to, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that drowsy driving contributes to at least 100,000 crashes throughout the U.S. on an annual basis, and approximately… Read More »

Social Media Use and Personal Injury Claims

Can Social Media Hurt My Personal Injury Case?

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

The use of social media is very ubiquitous in today’s society. In fact, you – and nearly everyone you know – likely uses Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or another social media site to inform their followers/friends/family of their daily activities. Even the President of the United States uses Twitter on a daily basis! For many,… Read More »

Alabama auto accident attorney

Top Causes of Alabama Auto Accidents

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

You may not realize it, but every time you get into a car, whether as a driver or passenger, it is usually the most dangerous thing you will do all day. Unfortunately, car accidents are still a common occurrence, ranging from a fender bender with minor damage and no injuries to having a totaled… Read More »

Woman distracted while driving

Guidelines Could Result in Reduction of Cell Phone Use Behind the Wheel

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

Little seems to be working in regards to convincing drivers not to use their cell phones behind the wheel of their cars. Steep fines, stiff penalties—all ultimately not enough to convince drivers that texting while driving doesn’t pay. In response to rising deaths from crashes caused by distraction, the US Department of Transportation has… Read More »

Tesla’s interior

Self-Driving Cars to Hit the Road in Larger Numbers

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

Self-driving cars have quickly gone from being a distant futuristic fantasy to a reality. In fact, thousands of Teslas are about to become capable of driving themselves without help from the person behind the wheel. However, questions remain about whether or not these self-driving technologies are safe. In October of 2016, the CEO and… Read More »


Increases in Traffic Fatalities Nationwide, with Alabama Cities Near the Top of the List

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

Over the past two years, traffic fatalities have been rising nationwide. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), among the top fifty on the list of American cities with the highest fatality rates are a couple here in our home state of Alabama. The website AxleGeek used the NHTSA data… Read More »


Motor Vehicle Fatalities Go Up for First Time in Five Decades

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

After fifty years of decline in fatality rates on American roads, 2015 is the first year in memory that more people were killed in motor vehicle accidents than in the previous year. 35,200 people were killed in accidents in 2015, according to preliminary data analysis from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This… Read More »


Survey Finds Aggressive Behavior Extremely Common among Drivers

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

Aggressive driving can be dangerous and, according to a recent study, it’s highly common. A survey of over 2,700 drivers revealed that over three quarters of all drivers have driven aggressively at some point in the past year, to the point in some cases of deliberately hitting another car in anger. The survey, conducted… Read More »

Teen drivers

Teen Drivers More Likely than Not To Have Been Distracted Before Crash, Study Finds

By Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb |

Distractions are gaining increased attention as a leading factor in car accidents on US roads, and with good reason. According to a recent study spanning nearly ten years, distractions play a role in an alarmingly-high rate of crashes involving teen drivers, both in the form of distractions caused by passengers and by cell phone… Read More »

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