Personal Injury

The attorneys at Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb have decades of experience handling cases across the spectrum of accidents and personal injury claims in southeastern Alabama and the Florida panhandle. Injury victims often face an uphill battle in obtaining compensation, being required to prove every aspect of their claim, including the negligence of the defendant and the extent of their damages. Defendants and their insurers may have valid defenses to liability, but pressing those defenses successfully requires a deep level of knowledge, skill and experience in the courtroom. If you have a claim pending in Wiregrass Country, call on Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb, lawyers in Dothan, Alabama for a consultation regarding how we can help.

Below is a listing of some of the most common types of cases handled by the firm. Click on a title to get more information about how we can help in any particular area:

Other Areas of Practice

Medical Malpractice – Allegations that a doctor, hospital, surgeon or other medical professional failed to practice with the appropriate degree of competence and care, and harmed a patient through this medical negligence, nearly always involve complex medical, factual and legal issues. Attorneys from both sides must employ medical experts and must be able to understand the medical evidence sufficiently to communicate important facts and issues to judge and jury. A strength of the law firm of Cobb, Boyd, White & Cobb is that we have the resources to employ the necessary experts from day one, and the experience and skill to settle a case or move forward with litigation at the earliest stage.

Wrongful Death – Wrongful death cases have much in common with personal injury claims, with important distinctions. Discovering evidence can be particularly difficult in a deadly crash, where at least one of the drivers is not present to provide testimony about what occurred. It is necessary instead to find other means to build a case. Whereas Florida’s wrongful death statute is geared toward compensating surviving family members for their loss, damages in an Alabama wrongful death case are strictly punitive in nature, so the conduct of the defendant often plays a stronger role than it would in a typical personal injury claim or a wrongful death matter in another state.

Experienced Legal Representation for Your Alabama or Florida Personal Injury Claim

For help in a motor vehicle accident claim or other personal injury matter in southeastern Alabama or the Florida panhandle, call on the skilled and experienced civil trial attorneys at Cobb. Boyd, White & Cobb in Dothan.